$571M Solar Power Plant Coming to Spain 0

This project will prove to be a solar boom for Extremadura as apart from the large size, what is most extraordinary about this project is that it will not accept any subsidies from the government for implementing this particular project. It is being planned by SAG Solarstrom, a German company that makes solar plants for commercial purposes as well as for homes, in collaboration with the local developers. This latest solar project in Extremadura will be four times bigger than its counterpart in Europe. According to the recent study this area is known for having the maximum solar energy levels in Europe and as a result of these high levels, many other solar power plants are also being planned in this region. As a building with solar power plants is much awaited to see the light of the day in the year 2013 and it will create more than two thousand jobs.

The solar project is the fifth of the kind, designed in the nation, without the support of subsidies, which was brought to an end for almost all the emerging plants. Halting subsidies highlights that technology is workable without them and that large solar plants are profitable without grants. Furthermore, this large photovoltaic power plant will not only be a landmark for Europe but also for the nation.


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