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The Department of Energy (DOE) is launching an “Apps for Energy” challenge today that invites entrepreneurs and students to come up with innovate ways to implement its new Green Button program.

In March, the Obama administration announced an agreement with nine major utilities to give customers access to data about their energy use, with a simple click of an online “Green Button.”

The data has the potential to not only help businesses and households understand how they are using energy, and thus gain greater control over how much they use, but it also opens the door for third-party technology companies to develop interactive applications and “smart” appliances that empower people to make wiser energy decisions.

Many companies are already developing apps for individuals and businesses to make use of this data and drive greater energy efficiency. The DOE wants more – the reason for this contest.

This week, Facebook launched a “social energy app” with Opower that has great potential. It uses the power of social networking to raise peoples’ awareness about energy consumption and gives them the tools to reduce it – by comparing it with their “friends.”

Prizes add up to $100,000 for the best software that helps utility customers understand their Green Button electricity usage data, take action, and make better-informed decisions.

Prizes include $30,000 for the best overall app, $15,000 for the best student-built app, and seven other prizes. In total, they’re offering $100,000 in prizes.

Apps are due May 15.

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