Brad and Angelina to Build Solar Theme Park 0

Hollywood’s first couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning on a fun filled theme park for their kids, and to power it, they are turning towards solar power.

The theme park will be built at their home in South of France and it will apparently contain water slides, a pirate island along with a castle, a go kart track and a huge pool among many other installations that promise on loads of fun. While most of the park will be hidden away underground, it will be powered by a solar panel installation on its rooftop. Apart from the solar energy to power it on, the park will also employ a water recycling system that will reduce on wastage.

Obviously there are not many other details out, but with Brad Pitt wanting one of his kids to take up architecture, the idea is to get the kids involved in the design of the theme park. This venture will be quite an inspiration for their fans and therefore it will encourage and promote the use of renewable energy.

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