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Yesterday, the Obama Administration unveiled the new, a collection of energy data, maps, and apps for developers, scientists, and citizens interested in energy and the environment.

The unveiling was a highlight at the Council of Environmental Quality‘s three-day conference centered around GreenGov; focused efforts to make the federal government more green and energy-efficient.

Hundreds of new, open data, maps, and apps are now made available to the public at the website spanning several decades. The message is clear that the Federal Government will continue to make energy information open to the public to try to inspire a new energy portfolio. However, another message, somewhat more hidden, can be derived from the GreenGov unveiling.

All of the data and information were released from federal government statistics and recordings. However, the federal government is only a part of an energy whole that consists of private utilities and energy companies. The government hopes this initiative will inspire more to share in transparent energy information and data. shares the same vision for energy data, maps, and apps. We are working hard to incorporate similar information, and create unique visualizations from U.S. data, as well as data from international sources and crowd-sourcing.

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