Eco-Friendly Tech: Making the Case for Businesses 0

nest-thermostat Installing environmentally friendly products around the office is more than just a trend in businesses across the globe. It is a business tactic. The boom in Eco-friendly technology is occurring because business owners are seeing the potential savings in the overhead costs that are associated with running their business each day. From the light bulbs in the lamps to the energy source which is providing those lights electricity, environmentally sustainable systems offer advantages that are beyond any other form of technology. In addition to helping a company’s bottom line, the public perception of the business benefits from the use of Eco-conscious technology. The public generally feels that a company looking out for the future of the environment is also looking out for their interests as well. With that in mind, new businesses can improve their appeal by applying eco-friendly practices. Not only is this good for the environment, but also for social appeal with new and existing clients. If your business is still in the planning stage though, you may want to consult with  Sun Document Filings  to get a better picture of where your business can end up. From there, there are a variety of “green” implements you can apply to your business to make it as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Businesses who are looking to upgrade their systems in order to take a positive step into the future can address critical areas of operations simply by beginning with environmental regulation and power supplies. The following list of sustainable products, compiled by the team at Power Experts, a business centric energy comparison website based in the UK, are just three of many that are proven to work:

  1. Solar World Commercial Installations
  2. Nest Smart Thermostats
  3. Philips Hue App-enabled LED bulbs

Here’s more details on these three: Solar power is currently one of the most booming divisions of sustainable energy. Start making changes from the top down. Solar World has provided roof-top solar panel installations for thousands of businesses across the country. From government to agricultural applications, the advanced solar technology they offer is in wide use. Statistical reports reflect an average saving of 72% on the utility bills of their clients. In addition, North Carolina businesses averaged over $315,000 in tax credits by installing their systems. Costs of installation vary by project, but free estimates are available which include the projected length of time on investment returns. The Nest environmental system saves money by taking the conventional programmable thermostat to the next level. Upon installation, the Nest will take a set amount of time to learn the habits of those working in the environment. It will then adjust the temperature settings accordingly. However, the nest continues to learn. As the habits of the office change and evolve, so do the energy-saving measures of the Nest. The system is easy to install. The process can be done by professionals or the business owners themselves. Homes and businesses report savings on their power bill that range from 30% to 50%. The Nest costs as little as $249 per unit. Philips has brought us the first truly smart light bulb. Their Hue LED bulbs allow you to control every light in an area from one central App which can be used from any number of smart devices. These bulbs can be regulated based on brightness levels individually or all at once. Installation involves merely plugging your existing lighting system into a wireless router. This App even allows you to control the specific hue of the light. Both warm, candlelight tones and bright daylight settings are available. The lights currently come in small starter packs from the Apple Store.

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