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As more information becomes available about alternative power sources, it becomes clear that teaching the next generation about solar energy is very important.

There are some excellent resources available to get kids excited about solar energy.

The Importance of Getting Kids Interested in Solar Energy

Renewable energy sources are likely to become increasingly important as kids grow up. Getting them interested in learning about solar energy at a young age can help them develop a better understanding of energy resources.

It’s likely that the economy and security of the nation’s future will be tied to renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. Getting kids excited about solar energy can encourage them to get involved in creating new technology to help harness the sun’s energy as they grow older.

Fun Facts for Kids

* Solar power is one of the few sources of energy that doesn’t cost anything;

* Spaceships have been using solar power since 1958;

* The sun is more than 90 million miles away, but it takes less than 10 minutes for light from the sun to reach Earth;

* In addition to being used for homes, solar energy is being used to power cars and boats. A town in Wisconsin is even using solar panels to charge hybrid electric school buses;

* The sun’s energy can even be used to help us stay cool. In 2010, a solar powered air conditioner was invented in China;

* Even though the United States contains only 6 percent of the population, people in the United States use between 25 and 30 percent of the world’s energy.

Ways to Get Kids Involved

Young kids can begin learning about solar energy through the use of solar toys.

There are plenty of toys on the market that will only light up or run when they have solar energy.

Solar toys show kids how they need the sun’s energy to work properly. It can be a great learning experience for kids who are used to battery operated toys.

Kids can experiment by taking solar toys into the shade or outside at dusk to see how the toy’s ability to function changes depending on the availability of sunlight.

Older kids can benefit from a solar electric house kit.

There are several different kinds of kits on the market. Most kits allow kids to build a small house that runs on solar panels. Lights and fans can be turned on when the tiny solar panels receive enough solar energy.

Kits are often available for well under $50 and can provide older kids with a great teaching tool.

You can also purchase solar powered objects to help kids learn.

For example, a solar powered fountain or solar powered outdoor lights can be a great way for kids to observe how the sun’s power can be harnessed.

By getting the next generation interested in solar energy, it could help make solar energy a more common means of power in the future.

About the Author: Amy Morin writes about psychology, business and products such as jogging strollers.

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