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Something to love about crowdfunding is its ability to bring products to life that may otherwise never have existed. Products like UK-based XD Design’s Ginko Solar Tree, an environmentally friendly solar charger for powering smartphones and tablets.

There are 1.4 billion smartphones charged every day, which requires an awful lot of electricity. The Ginko Solar Tree seeks to reduce this need, and take your mobile devices off the grid in a more efficient way than traditional solar panels.

Taking inspiration from the Ginko tree, they maximize the surface area of three solar panels, which also fold in to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping and packaging. The product is made from sustainable and bio-based materials, and can charge a phone in 2 hours.

The experienced team has launched other solar products, and won several awards, including the Red Dot and Good Design awards. A working sample of the Ginko Solar Tree is ready for final molding.

A pledge of just £65 will get you your very own desktop unit (the eventual price will be £95). Help them reach full funding by September 28 to see this incredible product come to life.

Fortunately, as of today’s date (24th) they’re just £100 short of their goal of £20,000, so barring catastrophes, it looks as if this unique product will be available by the expected February release date.

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