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This article will teach you how to build your own solar-powered toy car. Knowing how to do this will not only benefit children, but also adults. When people are taught to use solar energy, they will become more aware of the fact that using natural sources is always better than thinking of sources that are fast depleting. Solar energy is available in abundance in all parts of the world. Children need to realize that electrical energy might not last really long. Drilling this thought into their minds at a really young age will augur well for the generations to come.

Moderate level car

Using the steps mentioned below, anybody will be able to build a solar-powered toy car. This is a moderate level version. Even if someone has to take this as a science project, they are free to do so. It will be an informative project and real fun too.

Time required

Once you have all the items required to make a solar-powered car ready by your side, it is just a matter of assembling them and putting the pieces together. Depending on your creativity and level of interest, it might take just about half-hour to a maximum of two hours to get your car completely ready.

Resources required

Most of the items required can be picked up easily from stores which sell radio control equipment.

  1. A wooden panel is the first item that you require. A 2*2 panel should suffice.
  2. Next, pick up DC motors that have rubber wheels. You require two such motors. Ideally, these have to be 1 to 3 V and about 145mA – 150 mA.
  3. 2 numbers solar panels (3 volts each) with all required wires
  4. two sided tape
  5. electrical tape
  6. rubber wheeling

Estimated cost

1. Solar panels – $10 per panel

2. Wooden panels – $10 per panel

All other items which you will need during the process would not cost you much.

Detailed procedure to make the car

1. Now, we will shift our focus to understanding how to make your solar-powered car. Place the DC motors facing each other on the wooden panel. Once this is completed, fix the wheels to the wooden board.

2. The wires of the motor and the solar panel need to be connected with one another. Care should be taken to ensure that the positive gets connected only to the positive not to negative. If by mistake you connect the negative and positive, the circuit will not work.

3. Using the sticky tape, attach the panels to the wooden board.

4. Put the wheels to the front portion of the wooden panel to ensure that your car is balanced.

5. You have now completed the assembly. Leave your car in the Sun so that it gets charged through solar power.

FAQs related to solar-powered cars

1. What other materials can one use other than wood?

Ans. You might think of using a plastic bottle in place of wood. If you are creative enough, you can use even empty milk cans, CD cases and mobile phone panels as the body of your solar-powered car.

2. Where can I buy all the items required to make my solar-powered toy car?

Ans. Most of the items which are required for making a solar-powered toy car can be purchased from stores which sell radio control equipments. Alternatively, you may also place orders for these components with online sellers. E Bay, Amazon, etc. are lots of sellers of these items which are available on online stores.

Quick tips

Rather than buying solar panels think of some DIY kits which are available in the market place and create your own panels. These are extremely cheap and would last longer than you ever anticipated.

Things to watch out for

There are not any dangers associated with solar-powered toy cars as such will stop, however, make sure that your kids are playing in an open ground and not in the terrace. There is always a risk of tripping and falling from the terrace, in case they are careless.

Now that you have learned the procedure, it is now time to build your own solar-powered toy car. Initially, you might find it a bit difficult. As is the case with most other things, with practice, you will be able to become an expert in building your own solar-powered toy car and it will also give you feeling of joy and happiness.

People wishing to exhibit this in their school science projects will definitely receive lots of appreciation from all people.

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