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HyperSolar has announced that it has successfully developed its breakthrough proof of concept prototype that revolves around producing renewable hydrogen using water and sunlight. The company’s announcement comes on the heels of BlackLight Power’s equally exciting breakthrough around the same time that also involves generating hydrogen but using a different process.

HyperSolar’s technology involves integrating its low-cost polymer coating with small solar devices to give birth to a self-contained particle. The company’s CEO, Tim Young, said that the solar devices float on water unlike the approaches used by others in the past in their quest to produce hydrogen. The next step, he added, was to develop nanoparticle-based solar devices to bring down the cost of producing hydrogen.

In a video released on HyperSolar’s website, a self-contained particle can be seen floating in a bag filled with wastewater with hydrogen bubbles being generated. The company will now work towards constructing nanoparticles for its next prototype to be mass produced at low cost. The nanoparticles can then be floated in scaled up bags to generate larger amounts of renewable hydrogen.

HyperSolar’s breakthrough is exciting in that hydrogen can be generated using any form of water and sunlight. Though the element is considered to be a clean gas, current production methods require the use of hydrocarbons like coal, natural gas and oil. As such, it is non-renewable and puts a burden on ever depleting energy sources.

With HyperSolar’s breakthrough, hydrogen can be generated in huge quantities to fuel automobiles, generate electricity and drive other appliances that use the element for their operations. The use of low cost polymers will also greatly impact the price attached to generating hydrogen which is presently very high. The global impact can be huge and will give us another foothold in our quest to develop infinite sources of energy.

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