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Li ion batteries have changed and revolutionized the world with their efficiency and compactness. But, what if we told you that there were more efficient options that will be available by the end of 2012 or even before that?

Aquion Energy of Pittsburgh is synthesizing sodium ion batteries, and the good news is that not only do they last longer than Li ion batteries, but also cost a lot less, because sodium is a lot cheaper than lithium and a more abundantly available element (part of all that salt in the oceans, apart from many other sources). The Sodium ion batteries will cost one third the price of a lithium ion unit. Also, they last up to five times longer as the electrodes used in the sodium solution are thick wafers of manganese oxide that will wear out a lot less.

As if all that was not enough of a reason to embrace this new technology, sodium ion batteries are non toxic in nature and completely recyclable according to their makers Aquion Energy. By offering the world new battery synthesis technology, which rolls out units that are far more efficient, safe and inexpensive compared the current models, the firm believes they can quickly oversee a change from Li ion to sodium ion batteries. And if the technology is indeed as good as it promises to be, then we see no reason why not to switch over.

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