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The generation of clean energy has certainly affected architecture in every respect. Daniel Martín Ferrero, a designer from Madrid who specializes in creating futuristic graphic designs and signage for architecture, has arrived with the concept of the Freeform Solar Powered structures. The idea is to create an active skin constituted with flexible material, which is home to the solar power generation elements. The skin thus helps to convert an array of solar panels into materials for architectural design and construction.

A freeform is the smallest, useful and meaningful unit. This solar powered active skin presents exciting prospects by becoming the brick and mortar for a modern, urban landscape. The material being used is photovoltaic laminated glass, which has been utilized in creating a number of detailed construction systems such as the Curtain Wall, Ventilated Facade and Monolayer Structures. These structures host all the facilities that are necessary and inherent in any kind of photovoltaic system. At the same time, their flexibility makes them interesting from the design perspective.

The photovoltaic industry is populated by engineers alone while the architectural industry is filled with artists. The need of the hour is merging art with science for eco friendly constructions to be on a rise. The FreeForm solar powered construction offers new hope and direction for the urban scene.

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