INFOGRAPHIC: Carbon Accounting in Business 0

So just how are business accounting for their carbon emissions?  Are they measuring it? Are they even aware of it?

Epicor went out to investigate and came across some worrying statistics!

The most shocking figures reveal that:

  • 58% had never heard of carbon accounting
  • Only 20% of companies monitor their carbon emissions
  • A third of those businesses surveyed were didn’t know if they were under legal obligation to report emissions
  • 85% of companies could not state the level of carbon their company had consumed in the last 6 months

Many companies today are finding that implementing “green” initiatives go beyond simple good-citizenship to real business opportunities and bottom line savings that can contribute significant financial value to the organization while meeting demanding customer requirements for sustainable and low-carbon products. It is no longer just about compliance, reducing risk, or being a better corporate citizen.

Banner photo by Ken Teegardin

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