Investment in Solar “Has Surged to Unprecedented Levels” 0

Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress has published yet another superb article, well worth reading by anyone interested in solar power. Here’s an excerpt (but definitely read the entire piece):

With panel prices hitting record lows and performance of projects steadily improving, solar photovoltaics have become increasingly attractive to large investors. Investment in solar has surged to unprecedented levels due to interest from large Wall Street banks, investors like Warren Buffett, and technology firms like Google.


Since the “scandal” over the Solyndra loan guarantee hasn’t materialized, Darrell Issa and others are now making the preposterous claim that the program hurt investment in renewables. Clearly, he hasn’t talked to investors or people representing the business community.

Once again, there’s an enormous disconnect between what’s actually happening on the ground in clean energy and political perceptions in Washington.

Of course, when you consider how much money politicians like Darrell Issa have taken from oil, gas, and the fossil fuel utilities over their careers, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised about that “disconnect.”

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