L.A Air Force Base: Rockin Solar PV, Electric Vehicles 0

The United States military has seen potential in solar energy for quite a while. For example, in March 2011, the Marines invested in solar energy systems at Camp Pendleton along with other front-line applicable technologies.

In September, the Los Angeles Air Force Base (AFB) took it a step farther. It now has a fleet of electric vehicles — plus new solar capabilities at the same base.

40 new EVs
Overall, 40 vehicles are being replaced by EVs. However, the tactical and emergency vehicles will continue to run on gas.

This marks the first time any U.S. federal facility has replaced an entire fleet of gas-based vehicles in favor of EVs, and the move seems to be one other military outlets are looking into.

The solar system is a bit more advanced than an average solar array. The Department of Defense is testing smart microgrid technology in the AFB solar expansion, which it hopes will remove dependence on the solar grid itself. This, they say, could help achieve the microgrid’s maximum energy potential.

Overall, the L.A. AFB sees this as the first step towards more solar+EV expansion in other parts of the military.

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