Lil Wayne Goes Solar 0

A lot of people think rap stars are for the most part stupid, semi-illiterate morons who got lucky. I am not one of those people. After all, it is no easy feat to create, produce, market and sell the amount of music they do without being pretty savvy.

And Lil Wayne has just confirmed my theory with his decision to take advantage of Louisiana’s rather generous solar subsidies and install some panels on the roof of his new skate park in New Orleans:

Lil Wayne showed off his beginner skateboarding skills alongside a group of professional skateboarders yesterday to mark the opening of the artist’s new Trukstop park in his hometown of New Orleans. The new park occupies a building that survived the 2005 flooding. It was constructed using recycled materials, will be run using solar energy and includes all the features skaters love — stairs with rails for sliding, skating embankments and half pipes.

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