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The Philadelphia Eagles are known for a number of things, like actually having a judge and jail cell in their stadium for overly rowdy fans. But you’d be surprised at how green the team is—beside their jerseys.

While the team has sourced all of its power from renewables for nearly a decade, it’s bringing clean energy to the goal line with wind and solar. The team, working with NRG, will install more than enough solar and wind power to meet its energy needs. As part of the agreement, New Jersey-based NRG also will become the grid supplier to the stadium.

The Eagles join a growing number of professional sports franchises that are choosing to go green. Among them are the Seattle Seahawks, the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins.

And NRG has been on the front lines helping them. Last year it installed 2 megawatts of solar at the Redskins’ FedEx Field. But the company’s not playing favorites.

“If there’s competition between organizations showing that solar is a reality, we think that’s a great competition and don’t have any problem with it,” said NRG spokesperson Stephen Morisseau.

When the installation is complete in December 2012, Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Eagles, will produce enough electricity to provide more than six times the amount of energy used during all Eagles home games.

“We can be fairly confident in how much power will be generated over the course of the year,” Morisseau said. The installation will include 3 megawatts of solar panels. “As far as we know this is the largest PV array in the NFL.”

When completed the stadium will house solar panels over its parking lot and covering the ramps to the stadium, Morisseau said. The will also face 11th Street and cover the stadium’s south façade. The field will also house 14 micro-wind turbines, which might be partly pushed by all the hot air from cheering fans.

The Eagles launched their green campaign in 2003 and started sourcing all of the stadium’s power from clean energy then, according to Morisseau. It began planning to bring the power locally with solar about a year ago, he said.

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