POLL: Americans Blame Oil Companies for Gas Prices 0

Just a short post regarding two findings from a new poll by Bloomberg we thought worth passing along:

*66% of Americans blame “oil companies and Middle East nations who are taking advantage of the situation to make more money” for the recent increase in gasoline prices.

*46% of Americans believe that the “single best way for the U.S…to reduce dependency on foreign oil” is to “[e]xpand development of alternative fuels and promote conservation.”

In fact, the best way to reduce our dependence – and expenditures – on gasoline is through aggressive energy efficiency measures, and ultimately a switch away from a fossil-fuel-dependent economy towards one that is powered by abundant, clean, domestic solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewable energy. Then, we can all tell the oil companies and Middle East nations what to do with their oil.

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