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Hey SolarFeeds Reader! We’ve featured articles about Masdar in the past and are once again excited to help promote Masdar’s 2014 blogging contest. It only requires a short 500-600 word entry on how cities will play a critical role in driving sustainability, and who knows, your brief submission could help shape sustainable development in major metropolitan cities around the globe.

What will the successful entry win? How does an all-expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week tickle your fancy. Even better, it’s being held next month, January 18-24, when it’s probably freezing cold in your neck of the woods and a balmy 75F in Abu Dhabi. Plus, you get to be the event’s VIP blogger, sharing your experience with the world on a daily basis.

Seriously now, tackling the pressing challenge of how to balance urbanization with resource management, Masdar’s 2nd annual international Engage Blogging Contest theme is “Smart Cities and Sustainable Development”.

A leading provider of renewable energy in Abu Dhabi, Masdar specifically asks blogging applicants to answer the question: “How can cities contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and address issues including water, energy and waste?”

“With 67 percent of the world’s population expected to reside in cities by 2050, we can anticipate a greater strain to be placed on cities as they become denser and require more water and energy,” said Omar Zaafrani, Strategic Communications Manager at Masdar. “Such urbanization will oblige us to adapt and become smarter about the way we manage our resources.

So it turns out each of those 500 to 600 words in your own compelling narrative must count, and inspire creative approaches on how to balance urbanization with natural resource management. But being a dedicated Solar Feeds reader, we know you’re up to the challenge. Good luck!

For official rules, entry page, and more details about this competition, which ends on January 3, 2014, visit

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