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A basic rule of thumb for every solar installation business out there is that in order to provide an excellent service, you have to make sure that all your products are excellent as well. This means that every component of your products — whether it is big or small — has to be perfect so that their production capacity will be optimal. Now, we are all aware that solar products are comprised of a number of components, and one of the components that you have to check the quality of is the solar charge controller. 

Simply speaking, a solar charge controller is the one that regulates the energy flowing from the PV array and transfer it directly to the batteries as a DC-coupled system. In other words, this solar component makes it possible for solar batteries to have the longest life that they can possibly have. 

Currently, there are two kinds of solar charge controllers on the market. The first is the “standard,” which is usually small and features pulse-width modulation (PWM). This kind of solar charge controller is old school and not very efficient, so it’s not anymore as utilized. Meanwhile, the other kind of solar charge controller is the one that has maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. MPPT charge controllers offer higher performance by extracting all available power from the panels. Because of this, they are the preferred choice when it comes to solar charge controllers. 

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Top Manufacturers or Wholesalers of Solar Charge Controllers in India

As you can see from what solar charge controllers can do, it is no wonder why they are so important to have in any solar system. Luckily, solar charge controllers are also really easy to find because there are so many companies that manufacture and sell them. India, in particular, is famously known for having a lot of these manufacturers and wholesalers. So, if you’re an India-based solar installation business and you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer or wholesaler of solar charge controllers, look no further. You can easily find one within your country.

To help you with your search, here is a list of ten manufacturers and wholesalers of solar charge controllers that you can rely on. 

Emmanuel Electronics

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Emanuel Electronics is part of a group of companies that are engaged in the manufacturing, installation, and servicing of power conditioning equipment. The other registered brands in this group include Emmanuel Power Solutions Pvt., Ltd., and Ace Electronics. Even though power conditioning equipment is the company’s primary product, they offer other kinds of products as well. Some of the other products that they provide include battery chargers, inverters, constant voltage transformers, solar products, and more.

Emmanuel Electronics make sure that their products meet the challenge of providing pure, dependable electric power to the industry, the government, and the private sector. That is why they strictly adhere to applying world-class standards as well as offering customized solutions to their clients. 

Aditya Solar

>> Aditya Solar Energy Pvt., Ltd. | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in 2000, Aditya Solar Energy Pvt., Ltd., formerly known as Aditya Energy Systems, is one of the leading Indian manufacturers and OEM suppliers of solar products. Some of the products that the company is known for include photovoltaic and lighting systems, solar water heaters, solar power packs, solar charge controllers, solar mobile chargers, and solar fans. 

Aditya Solar has been managed by a team of qualified professionals who have more than three decades of experience in the industry. That is why the company has a well-established and proven track record in the realms of solar product design, development, and installation. As of right now, Aditya Solar has installed over 30 MW of grid-connected utility-scale solar power plants as well as thousands of other solar products to their various customers in the government and private sector organizations.

Allsemi Solutions

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Allsemi Solutions was established in 2014 with a goal of further simplifying everyone’s lives with innovative devices. Because of this, the company deals with a wide array of products that include, but are not limited to, vehicle tracking systems, GPS tracking devices, generator monitoring systems, and LEWD drivers. They even offer solar charge controllers, and this proves that Allsemi Solutions really has a well-rounded lineup of products. 

Airkom Electronics

>> Airkom Electronics Pvt., Ltd. | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Airkom Electronics Pvt., Ltd. is a company that was incorporated into the Airkom Group in 1987. And though it is a relatively young division of the entire group, Airkom Electronics has still managed to boast a multimillion turnovers as of right now. 

Airkom Electronics was launched with an objective of providing single-source solutions for solving all kinds of power problems that are faced by their customers on a daily basis. That is why this company deals with the manufacturing of solar products (particularly inverters, charge controllers, and converters), static stabilizers, servo-controlled voltage stabilizers, uninterrupted power supply systems, power saver units, and many more. 

To ensure that they gain the trust of their customers, Airkom Electronics strictly adhere to quality control norms and standards, starting from the procurement of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. In addition to their product quality and extensive experience, they also provide cost competitiveness to their customers.

Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India

>> Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Founded in 2008, Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India, formerly known as NavSemi, is a company that is dedicated to the field of power, communications, and automotive electronics. The company has a successful track record of developing and deploying complex technologies for world leaders in the aforementioned segments. And as of right now, the company has a goal of becoming the pioneer in the industry of renewable energy harvesting through the development of innovative technologies. 

With the dedication that the team at Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India has to make solar energy affordable through its technology innovation, the company has been recognized by numerous organizations all over the globe. The biggest recognition is when the company was acquired in 2013 by Alpha Technologies Inc., the parent company of OutBack Power Technologies, which is a leading brand in storage-based renewable energy systems.

Alpha India’s current product range focuses on the standalone market with solar charge controllers for home and street lighting, solar BTS systems, standalone battery-based residential and commercial systems, and micro-grid solutions.

Amon Power Controls 

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Amon Power Controls is a company that deals with the manufacturing of power conditioning equipment, uninterrupted power system, inverters, line interactive ups, stabilizers, and customized power electronic products. Some of their most popular products include hybrid solar inverters, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, solar street lights, and solar power plants. 

It is very important for Amon Power Controls to satisfy their thousands of loyal customers. And in order for them to be able to continue doing that, they have to rigorously check the quality of their products. The team at Amon Power Controls conducts an extremely comprehensive QA program, right from the selection of vendor, incoming raw material inspection, in-process checks, to final post-production and pre-shipment inspection. With everything that they do to ensure the quality of their products, it is no wonder that over 10,000 customers are satisfied with Amon Power Controls. 

Apex Green

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Founded in 2002, Apex Green, which is a subsidiary of the Apex Group, is a leading provider of large commercial and residential solar system solutions all over India. The company is committed to solar power and providing their customers with the best solutions for deriving the greatest value out of solar energy. That is why they deliver complete and cost-effective solutions to their clients and partners with a streamlined approach from project development, design and construction, to financing and operation. 

Apex Green provides a wide array of solar products to its customers. Some of their most popular ones include solar panels, hybrid solar inverters, UPS, solar charge controllers, and solar batteries. 

Arrow Power Controls

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Arrow Power Controls is a private limited firm that aims to offer clean electrical energy through solar photovoltaics, thermal, and small wind turbine for domestic, agriculture, and commercial domains. The company was established in 1999, and over the years, Arrow Power Controls has earned a wide acceptance in the UPS industry. 

Some of the products that Arrow Power Control offers include solar charge controllers and their very own RENOU Technology Solar PCU. This RENOU (Renewable Energy Optimum Utilization) Technology Solar PCU is a technology devolved by Arrow Power Controls that helps the end-users in harnessing 100% available solar energy by setting solar PV priority synchronized with the grid. 

ARVI Systems and Controls

>> ARVI Systems and Controls | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in 1998, ARVI Systems and Controls is an ISO9001:2008 certified company that specializes in the manufacture, exporting and supplying of UPS and other power management solutions. Ever since the company’s establishment, they have managed to have over 10,000 installations all over the country. 

All of their products are designed, built, and tested to perform in the most difficult situations. In addition to that, ARVI Systems and Controls make sure that their manufacturing process, quality, reliability, and after-sales are evaluated and certified by leading testing agencies and consultants. As such, all of their products are certified by numerous certifications, such as IAF, LRDE, ADE, GTRE, and BEL. 

BBN Solutions

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BBN Solutions is a company that is dedicated to developing innovative products in the Solar Electric Energy segment. This company was founded by highly successful technology experts in Power, Automotive, and Communication systems. Additionally, the company is currently managed by specialists in technology, business, and operations. 

BBN Solutions has a wide array of solar products to offer. Their most popular products are the following: solar hybrid inverters, solar prioritizers, solar charge controllers, LED solar street lights, and many more. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesaler of Solar Charge Controllers?

Every solar system is divided into smaller components. And each of these components has a big role to play in the overall production capacity of the system, so it is of utmost importance that they are of pristine quality. One of the important solar components which require the rigorous checking of quality is the solar charge controller.

The primary task of a solar charge controller is to regulate the energy flowing from the PV array and transfer it directly to the batteries as a DC-coupled system. Basically, it helps lengthen the lifespan of a solar battery, thus making solar charge controllers really invaluable in any solar system. 

That is why as solar installers, you have to make sure that your solar systems are equipped with solar charge controllers. And you’re lucky that manufacturers and wholesalers of solar charge controllers are literally everywhere to help you. In fact, there are quite a ton of manufacturers and wholesalers in India alone. So, if you’re a solar installation business located in India, you don’t need to worry about finding one. 

Sure, the start of the search always seems daunting. That’s why this post exists — to give you a list of companies that you can use as a stepping ground. The ones mentioned are only some of the very many companies in India, but they’re a good place to start for your search. 

So, delve yourself deep into the research of a manufacturer or wholesaler of solar charge controllers that you trust. You should be deliberate in this decision because the quality of your products — as well as the success of your business — is highly dependent on the manufacturer or wholesaler that you’ve chosen. So, choose wisely.

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