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You’ve installed solar on your roof — now how do you make the most of it?

That’s a question we’re always asking around these parts, and today Sunrun is helping to provide an answer. (Note: SunRun is an installer partner of’s parent company, One Block Off the Grid.)

Through a partnership with Nest, the makers of the sexy smart thermostat, Sunrun aims to help homeowners who have installed a rooftop solar system on their roofs make the most of their clean energy.

From now until October 31, customers who sign up for solar with with Sunrun will also receive a free Nest thermostat, plus $250 worth of free electricity. Current Nest customers that sign up for solar will receive $500 worth of electricity.

“With energy costs rising and an increased interest in finding ways to conserve energy, the Nest-Sunrun offering comes at the perfect time,” Erik Charlton, Nest’s vice president of business, explained in a post on Sunrun’s blog. “On its own, the Nest Learning Thermostat can help people reduce their energy use, but by teaming up with Sunrun, we can make an even bigger impact by contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.”

Energy efficiency is a boon to every home, and when you pair energy efficiency with a rooftop solar system, you’re making the most of both your money and your clean energy.

“People are busy and this is not the first thing on everybody’s mind,” Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich told VentureBeat. We want them to know that simple and easy options do exist, that are in fact cheaper and better for the environment. We are offering them a financial incentive to motivate people to take action.”

When you put it like that, solar power and energy efficiency really do work hand in hand.

By Matthew Wheeland

Original Article on Cooler Planet

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