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A new renewable energy system could be coming to your neighborhood, and this time you’ll actually own a part of a clean energy plant.

This project called Clean Energy Collective (CEC), which is based out of Carbondale, Colorado (spot the irony?), has a brand new plan to create neighborhoods that run entirely on renewable energy sources.

How the plan works is that a homeowner can actually own part of a clean energy power plant, which will be directly credited to the electric bill for the power produced. CEC owners can buy as much or as little clean energy equipment as they want at drastically reduced prices.

The CEC provides virtually everything for the clean energy plant from construction to management to regular maintenance. The biggest positive to be gained from this particular system is that it’s cheap. Homeowners can own a system for a dollar a day. The way CEC can afford this is that it purchases all the equipment in bulk at wholesale prices rather than buying as customers need it, thus allowing the savings to go directly to the customer.

The best part of all: CEC isn’t limited to one type of renewable energy source. Say you live in Portland, Oregon. It’s a lovely city, but the Pacific Northwest isn’t particularly known for its sunny weather. CEC would be able to provide a Portland homeowner with options besides PV solar. In fact CEC has microhydro, geothermal, wind and biomass at its disposal in addition to PV solar. This plan isn’t only for homeowners. It can also go towards schools, businesses, etc.

How to Own Part of a Clean Energy Power Plant originally appeared in Green Chip Stocks. Green Chip Review is a free 2x-per-week newsletter, is the first advisory to focus exclusively on investments in alternative and renewable energies.

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