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There are advantages of community living. The safety, security, economy of costs and efforts and the feeling of belonging and harmony that a community brings is very special. At the same time, private living offers much needed seclusion and independent lifestyle. How will it be if you can get both in one place? That is the idea behind the concept of ConXBlock – separate blocks that connect with each other!

Single dwellings require sprawling infrastructure for a luxurious life. These costs can be economized when a community is built. ConXBlock attempts to provide the best private lives for the members of its community. For starters, each home is a separate unit with its own ‘backyard’ that has been specially made on the roof! The construction is sturdy and robust. It has been made with prefabricated steel.

At the same time, there are features that make life easy for all. There is inter-connected network of solar panels that have been installed on every home. The solar energy tapped is available for common use. Roofs have been fitted with rain-water harvesting techniques and again the water collects in a common ‘pool’!

Since the entire construction has been made with steel, every surface of every home can be used. From an external view point, it may appear that the homes are tiny. But once inside, a haven of comfort opens up! If you are considering a dream living, then ConXBlocks truly rock!

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