The Fenix ReadySet Kit: Helping Power Africa 0

San Francisco-based Fenix International originally developed the ReadySet Solar Kit in 2008 to provide flexible power to people in remote regions of Africa but recently raised funds on the Kickstarter crowd funding site (in 1 day) to first start producing the kits for the American market.

“The Fenix ReadySet is an intelligent battery system that can be charged from solar, electric grid, and even a bicycle generator to charge mobile phones, tablets, WiFi hotspots and other devices,” the company says.

The portable solar panel that comes with the kit can be hung out of a normal window and so has proven popular in initial tests with people living in apartments, students in dormitories and outdoor types. Its 2 USB ports alongside its 2 car lighter style 12V outlets make it particularly handy for today’s modern electrical devices.

The ReadySet can power approximately 10 phones on a full charge. It can fully charge from the included 15 W solar panel in six to eight hours of sun. It is expected to sell for $225 with profits from sales in the US helping the company take the kits to Africa for under $150. 

The brains behind the project are both ex Apple employees who say they want to create products that deliver energy to the 1.5 billion people in the world who lack access to electricity.

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