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While still in pre-production, the Meterplug is a gadget which promises not only to tell you exactly how much each electrically-powered device in your house is using at any given time, but also, through its Bluetooth 4.0 capability, help you plan and control that consumption as efficiently as possible. Thereby cutting down on both cost and unnecessary greenhouse emissions.

MeterPlug is essentially a plug sized device which sits between your electrical appliance and your mains socket and measures the amount of electricity that particular appliance is using. It then sends the information via Bluetooth to an app on your smart phone (or other Bluetooth enabled computery type things) and converts it into a cash equivalent depending upon your particular tariff.

It will also be able to turn on or off any appliance connected to it (particularly those which consume power on standy – a very real concept known as ‘vampire power’).

The device is currently in pre-production and will be at least partly funded by a campaign currently coming to a conclusion on the crowd-funding website, ($78,000 already raised against an original target of $70k).

The funding campaign would suggest that the gadgets will be retailing for $60 each when they start shipping in April this year. A tad on the pricey side perhaps, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to stop you using it as a measuring device for all your most obvious appliances and then plonking it, in ‘ready to turn you off’ mode, next to whichever one turns out to be the thirstiest.

Scaled up production will hopefully see the unit price fall reasonably quickly though.


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