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As the economist Adam Smith once said, “If you have a mind to look after the pennies in life, the pounds will look after themselves.” A rubbish theory obviously, but one which perhaps illustrates the beauty of a new little solar charging device that you can stick to a window and then charge your mobile phone from for free.

The device, daringly named ‘The Window Socket’ by its designers, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh, is essentially a portable solar panel attached to a small integral battery, all bundled up in a slick little ‘slightly bigger than a plug’ casing. Plus of course the sucker bit around the panel to enable you to slap it up on any old window to quietly do its thing while you work.


As the designers point out, it’s only a prototype at the moment and it will probably never become efficient enough (at that size) to power anything big like the office photocopier or a chainsaw, but it could quite easily help mop up all those little devices we love having about our person these days. Phones, cameras, sat navs, pacemakers. All of which, added together, use up loads of electricity.

Indeed it’s not difficult to imagine an office where everyone is given a couple of these things to stick on their nearest window. Apart from those poor people downstairs in the basement, who don’t actually have the luxury of windows. Which is probably their own fault, how would we know?

No indication of price yet, but we reckon this little fella could be huge. And once those greedy little people in accounts start seeing the dip in the monthly power bill as a result, they might even be persuaded to start looking into what else in the office could be powered by the sun instead of the mains.

From the bottom up I think they call it, and anything to do with bottoms is okay with us.

Original Article on 2050 Magazine

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