Toray Unveils New Self-Repairing Film for Electronic Devices 0

Toray, a company based in Japan, which specializes in products focused around IT components as well as advanced composite materials, has developed its latest self curing coating which it will use as a protective layer on a series of unannounced notebooks.

The innovative technology is a blessing for folk who can’t do without their computers but have a hard time keeping them in top shape. Toray’s technology involves a wet coating method which adds a state-of-the-art recovering layer to PET films. The film, apart from having a Wolverine-like healing factor, also features some elastic and cushioning properties.

According to reports, scratches were made during the tests with a metal brush. Remarkably, the film healed itself to go back to its glossy surface. The Japanese manufacturer has said that the film’s ability to cure itself is improved when kept at lower temperatures although room temperature is sufficient to repair scratches in under 10 seconds.

The experts developing the film said that it can heal itself about 20,000 times in a sequence. What it can’t do, however, is recover from damages caused if it is pierced. It is also much softer than the normal protective surfaces found in many modern day devices.

And in some more good news for gadget lovers, Toray is also trying to hook up its protective film with smartphones and touch panels. With the technology, the life of displays can be extended leaving the need for brand new purchases somewhat behind.

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