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A 2010 Lake Research Group poll found that 73 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans support the passage of clean energy and climate legislation. The same poll found that 79 percent of these veterans believe that ending our dependence on foreign oil is an important step for our national security, 67 percent of veterans indicated they support the argument that such legislation will help their own economic prospects.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan also support a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill that invests in clean, renewable energy sources in America and that limits carbon pollution. These veterans believe that such a bill would help create jobs that will help vets’ economic prospects after leaving the service, reduce the amount of oil purchased from hostile nations, and cut funding for terrorists from oil producing nations. Veterans do not believe that the answer is just more drilling.

These results are particularly interesting given that respondents were 45 percent Republicans, 25 percent Independents, and 20 percent Democrats. See the poll results by clicking here. ran television and online ads, nationally, and in Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and North Dakota supporting energy reform policies as a matter of security. The ads are co-sponsored with Operation Free. The ad can be viewed at

The ad features Iraq War and US Army Veteran Christopher Miller, who earned a Purple Heart as the result of an explosion from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Miller then highlights the destructive potential of a newer and more powerful explosive device, the Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP), which was brought to Iraq from Iran and then used against our troops. Photos and news clips show the deadly capability of the weapon.

The ad concludes by telling our leaders, “It’s time stand up for America’s Security.”

VoteVets president and Iraq War veteran Jon Soltz says:

“This poll confirms what we always knew was true – veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan know, first-hand, the destructive effect our dependence on oil has on our national security, and on the battlefield. They are well aware of arguments made in favor and against bi partisan clean energy and climate change legislation, and firmly fall into the group of Americans supportive of passing that comprehensive legislation. Veterans of the wars we’re fighting want legislation passed now.”

If you agree with Jon Soltz and the vast majority of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, click here, “sign your name next to theirs and stand strong with the men and women who have put their lives on the line for our security.”

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