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Walgreens (NYSE:WAG) and Car Charging Group, Inc. are planning on expanding their EV charging station partnership. Both companies have agreed on installing 13 more EV charging stations at Walgreens locations in the Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg areas.

In addition, the two companies have also stated they plan on rolling out more EV charging stations in major metropolitan areas around the country. So far, the proposed list of cities includes Phoenix, Akron, Canton, Columbus and Austin.

What makes these particular stations unique is that Walgreens and Car Charging Group didn’t skimp on the station’s power. Instead of installing the slower Level I chargers, all of the current and future stations are outfitted with the much faster Level II chargers. Using 240 volts with 32 amps of power, these Level II stations charge your car in substantially less time.

The way these stations operate is very simple. The driver registers and creates a CarCharging account and is subsequently given a small RFID keychain card. Should the driver not have the RFID card, a credit card could be used.

These EV charging stations are another big step for Walgreens pursuit of expanding on its renewable energy initiatives. In 2010, Walgreens was the first drugstore in the nation to install a geothermal energy system at a store in Oak Park, Illinois. Its Mira Mesa, California location also became the first drugstore store to receive LEED gold certification by the US Green Building Council. Walgreens also has more than 130 rooftop PV solar installations at stores and distribution centers across the nation.

And of course, Walgreens launched its electric vehicle initiative last year when the company announced it would be installing charging stations at 800 of its stores across the nation.

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  1. Level 3 charging was installed in LA near Anaheim. They certainly did skimp on costs if level 2 chargers are installed. I could see spending 30 minutes in a Walgreems but not 6 hours!

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