World’s First Hybrid Solar-Geothermal Plant Comes to Nevada 0

Both solar and geothermal forms of energy complement each other as both these sources of clean energy are available in abundance. When solar energy cannot be tapped effectively, like on a cloudy day geothermal energy can act as a great partner. Geothermal power is a flexible source of energy which can support the intermittent needs of renewable sources of energy like wind energy or solar energy. By installing this Hybrid Solar Geothermal power plant, Nevada can ease the gaps of solar energy and also utilize both sources of power during the peak hours. This will help in utilizing alternate modes of energy to generate power and also help in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the region. This will also result in reduced carbon footprint of Nevada.

The Department of Energy has given this hybrid project tax support $40 million through the Recovery Act. This innovative project of Nevada is amongst the fourteen geothermal sites in the Nevada and Utah region who have been funded by the Department of Energy. This will help in accelerating geothermal power development.

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